Tech Support Services

PCs and MacsWe have an excellent track record for providing a wide array of computer and tech support services. Our team members are highly skilled, boast post secondary educations and have experience working with industry leaders such as IBM and HP.

We provide a variety of computer support services including:

Computer and
Tablet Setup
Just bought a new PC or Tablet? Great! We can optimize the operating system and software, install anti-virus products to keep you safe online, personalize your experience, setup your email and migrate your data from your old devices so your new PC or Tablet remains secure and keeps running for a long time.

Virus Removal
Whether your device is already experiencing problems, slowdowns, or you just want to ensure that it’s running at peak performance, we can help.
We offer a one year virus-free guarantee on all laptops we fix. Should your computer get a virus after we set it up, we will clean it up for free!

Computers are prone get extremely slow over time. Whether you just bought a brand new PC, or have an old clunker that takes forever to boot, we make sure the software on your computer is optimized to run at peak performance at all times, saving you time and money.

Computer Repair
and Upgrades
Does your laptop have a broken screen or a missing key on the keyboard? We can help! We can also help you purchase the right hardware upgrades to extract maximum performance from your computer, specifically tailored to your needs.

Data Backup &
Just bought a brand new PC? Switching to a Mac? We can help. We can migrate all of your files, pictures, documents and email to your new computer so all the files that matter to you are readily accessible on your new computer.

Disaster Recovery
Did your computer quit without warning? Did your pen drive or external hard drive stop working?. Just bring your device by, and we will help you recover all your important files and documents.

Training and
Technical Support
Need help with using a particular application or operating system, installing new software or upgrading an existing application on your computer? Give us a call today, we have over 10 years of experience in fixing computers and providing customers with technical support.

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PCs and Macs
Our extensive background in network communications gives us a unique perspective in providing end-to-end networking solutions in areas of Network Infrastructure, Network Security and Application Delivery.

Whether you are setting up your home wireless network for gaming and file transfer, or your business network for efficient communication, data transfer and reliability, we can help.

We offer a wide array of networking services including:

  • Wireless network and router setup
  • Local Area Networking (LAN) setup
  • Wide Area Networking (WAN) setup
  • Network Security and Firewalls
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN) setup
  • Web Application and Database Security
  • Performance Optimization

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Google Chromebook

PCs and Macs

The Chromebook is a new, faster computer. It starts in seconds, and offers thousands of apps. It has built-in virus protection, and backs up your stuff in the Cloud. And with automatic updates, it keeps getting better.

There are plenty of reasons why Chromebooks are great for individuals and businesses:

Cost Effective
Starting for as low as $179, Chromebooks offer great hardware at very affordable prices.

Google Apps
Chromebooks offer seamless integration with Google services such as Gmail and Google Docs

Chromebooks boot in under 10 seconds and instant-on from sleep.

Based on the Enterprise class Linux operating system, the same operating system that runs the servers of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter, Chromebooks offer an incomparable level of reliability.

Centrally Manageable
Chromebooks can be centrally managed and updated via a web based interface, which greatly reduces support costs and overheads. All that is needed is a Google Apps Domain for your business

Learn more about the Chromebook from its official website

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Linux (Mint)

PCs and Macs

Linux is an alternative operating system to Windows and Mac OS that powers a variety of devices from Android smartphones to Internet servers and 98% of the worlds supercomputers. Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and eBay all use Linux to power their servers.

Linux offers several advantages over Windows:

Free, as in speech
Linux is an open source operating system. That means it is completely free to download, install, modify and distribute. Why pay $100 for an operating system when you can get one for free?

Linux doesn’t catch viruses or spyware. That means no more slow downs, or annoying popups, or having to worry about someone stealing your banking and credit card information from your computer.

Your computer with Linux won’t get slower every day or crash randomly. Linux is built from the ground up with performance and stability in mind.

Easy to use
Linux is easy to use, so you don’t have to learn something new. If you can use a smartphone, you can use Linux.

Linux has hundreds of free games baked right into it. It also runs the Steam platform and its games.

Watch the following videos below to learn more about Linux.



Cool. How does this help me?

If you primarily use your computer for browsing the internet, but find your computer runs slow all the time or catches too many viruses, Linux would be perfect for you. Because it is built with performance in mind from the ground up, Linux runs comfortably on older desktops and laptops so you don’t have to purchase a new computer to try Linux. Now that Microsoft has officially ended support for XP, Linux will be the ideal choice to breathe new life into your aging computer.

If Linux sounds like your cup of tea, give us a shout and we will be happy to set it up on your computer and move your files over.

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